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Social Entrepreneurship

Connecting Business to Social Impact 

Video Produced by Wayne Silby

Machik is committed to identifying and supporting Tibetan social entrepreneurs--dynamic individuals who are innovative in their approach to meeting social challenges and who demonstrate an uncommon dedication to making a measurable impact in their communities. As our work in local communities have made these social innovators more visible, we have made it a part of our broader effort to support these entrepreneurial individuals and to strengthen their networks so that their work can have a better chance at success. By helping to build this global network for Tibetan social entrepreneurs, we offer a portal for developing new partnerships and synergies that can help develop solutions to social challenges on the Tibetan plateau.

It is our priority to invest in those who can seed sustainable change and who are making the choices that will enable them to make a difference in their communities. Supporting these Tibetan social entrepreneurs is an investment in the future of strong, vibrant and sustainable communities on the Tibetan plateau.

See here for more on Machik's Social Business Initiative to support Tibetan entrepreneurship and the business development on the Tibetan plateau.  


Profile: Tsering Perlo25.se-tsering-perlo1

Filmmaker, Teacher, Community Development Worker
Tsering Perlo is the founder and executive director of Rabsal , an association of young Tibetans dedicated to the regeneration and revitalization of Tibetan culture. Through Rabsal, Perlo has used his training in multimedia technology and his experience in community development work to create a dynamic new framework for the production of community-based participatory videos, documentaries and other forms of multimedia projects. Originally from a nomadic family in Zachuka, Perlo has spent years working with grassroots communities throughout Kham. He has more recently worked with the Kham Film Project in New York and the Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library at the University of Virginia. Perlo will be returning to the Sichuan Provincial Tibetan Institute, where he will be launching a teaching program in participatory video making.


26.se-palmo-tso1Profile: Palmo Tso

Writer, scholar, women's advocate
Born and raised in a Tibetan nomad tent, Palmo Tso is a poet, writer, professor, women's advocate and humanitarian. She lectured in Haibei Teacher's School, Qinghai Province, and has been an associate Professor of Tibetan Studies at Northwest Nationality University in Lanzhou, Gansu, since 1997. She has devoted her life to teaching and writing, producing several books and numerous magazine articles written in Tibetan. She is a passionate advocate of women's issues and has initiated several major women's projects, including Sholung, the first ever collection of Tibetan women's writing, and Snowland Tibetan Women's Journal, the first ever Tibetan-language quarterly magazine devoted to women's affairs. Through her leadership, Palmo Tso has brought into a public forum issues such as the impact of HIV/AIDS on Tibetan women. Read Palmo Tso's Point of View in her own words.