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Women’s Initiatives

Investing in Women and the Education of Girls


Strong communities begin with equal access to resources and opportunities for all. In line with our core mission to incubate social innovation in Tibet, one of our main priorities is to innovate ways to level the structural inequalities facing women in Tibetan society.

We have pursued these goals not only through specific programs that address the special needs of women - projects such as midwifery training - but also through longer term efforts to plant seeds to strengthen girls' and women's capacity to become equal partners in community leadership. In addition to insisting on 50% girls enrollment of the Chungba Primary School and the Summer Enrichment Programour Mother's Wish Program provides support almost exclusively for girls and young women from low-income rural and nomadic families to continue their education through middle, high school and college.

In the past, through the Tibetan Women's Writing Program, we have sponsored the production of two milestone Tibetan-language publications, the first ever collection of contemporary Tibetan women's writing, and the first ever Tibetan-language periodical on Tibetan women, Snowland Tibetan Women's Journal.  We also partnered with the Pentok Institute, a Tibetan women-led, grassroots organization that works with local people to improve education opportunities for women. As a matter of course, Machik seeks to work with and promote women in our programs, staff and boards. You can support our women's initiative here.