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The Chungba Project

An Organic Model of Community-based Education

Machik’s work has grown organically around an effort to build a community-based education project from the ground up in a rural Tibetan township. At the core of the work have been direct interventions – building award-winning schools, bringing clean energy and safe drinking water, establishing a library and an organic greenhouse, repairing roads and rebuilding homes, facilitating healthcare missions and caring for the elderly and the poor.


Education forms the backbone of Machik work. Building local capacity – whether in the form of creating new opportunities for learning, training, knowledge production or skills development – is a priority that runs through all our efforts. We believe that education represents the most fundamental means to strengthening human capacity and we are committed to finding ways to support education for Tibetan communities through schools, scholarships, training programs, libraries and online resources.


Community Social Enterprise and Adult Learning


Since the beginning, Machik’s Chungba Project has been about building a community-centered approach to education and sustainability. With the goal of providing young adults with learning and skills development opportunities, Machik has seeded a center for community social enterprise. Having acquired and renovated an old granary, we have supported the development of the first Tibetan-owned motorcycle repair shop in Lithang county as well as a bakery. Machik has also invested in the revival of the traditional medicinal craft of incense-making.