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Our Work

Incubating Social Innovation for Tibet


Our work has grown organically around an effort to build a community-based education project from the ground up in one rural Tibetan township. At the heart of the work have been direct interventions – building an award-winning school, bringing clean energy and safe drinking water, establishing a library and an organic greenhouse, repairing roads and rebuilding homes, facilitating healthcare missions and caring for the elderly and the poor.

As our work has grown, we have broadened the impact of our work by establishing a women’s scholarship program and by investing in training programs and digital media projects as well as dynamic individuals who embody the ideals of community service, learning and social entrepreneurship. These efforts have, over time, enabled us to create a portal for developing new partnerships and synergies on a regional scale.

Our work is currently organized around six program areas: The Chungba Project, Summer Enrichment Programs, Women's Initiative, Youth Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship, and Governance.